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Two Common Problems with an Aged Electric Furnace in Salt Lake City and How Heating Specialists Can Help

Winter is the best time to enjoy the many world-class ski facilities Salt Lake City has to offer. After pivoting and skidding on challenging ski slopes, local skiing enthusiasts are eager to head home, relax, and warm up by turning … Continue reading

When Should I Replace My Furnace?

Is your furnace beginning to show signs of wear?  Are you constantly wondering whether your furnace will even be able to do its job?  If so, it may be time for a new furnace. Replacing your old furnace may seem … Continue reading

Regularly Replace Your Furnace Filter

Small maintenance issues, like changing the furnace filter, can easily slip our minds or be put off. However, neglecting those seemingly menial tasks can result in catastrophe. Just a few months ago in Ireland, a father and his two children … Continue reading

Get Your Green Sticker Inspection Now

If you are a Utah resident who’s been blowing off gas company recommendations to get a Green Sticker inspection done on your furnace, blow it off no longer! It takes less than an hour of your time for a technician … Continue reading

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