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A new furnace professionally installed by Harris Aire Serv is:
1. Energy efficient: furnaces warm large areas quickly, efficiently, and safely. Furnaces also provide hot air faster than heat pumps. For these reasons, furnaces are considered environmentally friendly and the number one heating source for Utah homes.
2. Cost efficient: furnaces can be hooked up to the city gas line, which reduces the cost of bringing gas from the store to the location of the furnace. Additionally, furnace life lasts from 14 to 20 years.
3. Time efficient: The trained installation professionals at Harris Aire Serv have years of experience to install your furnace quickly and correctly.  Our professionals are the best in their field to get your heating system up and running at perfection and comfort.

There are many different types of furnaces available, including:
1. Electric furnace: uses electric current to directly heat the air blowing out of the furnace in a safe manner
2. Natural gas furnace: natural gas or gas from a city line is burned in an open or sealed chamber to create heat. The heat in the furnace is distributed using a fan to move the air from the furnace to the air ducts of the home or office. The natural gas furnace are now energy efficient and cost efficient. They are the choice of most Utah households.
3. Wood furnace: burns wood in a sealed firebox to heat an exchanger in the furnace. A fan in the furnace blows the air over the exchanger and into the air ducts of the home or office
4. Hot water furnace: a unique type of furnace that uses water instead of air to heat the home. The hot water furnace can be used either in the home to heat cold floors or outside in a pond to keep your tropical fish warm and happy. In a home, the hot water furnace uses pipes underneath the floorboards. As the water passes through the pipes, heat is extracted by the hot water furnace.

Make sure that you are ready for those cold Utah winters! Don’t waist away your summer months, use this time to make sure your furnace is ready for the winter months soon to come…and remember at Harris Aire Serve,

WE are not comfortable until YOU are comfortable!

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Harris Aire Serv provides furnace and air conditioning installation and furnace repair services all along the Wasatch Front and Tooele area. Call either our Salt Lake City or Tooele office to find out more about the type of furnaces available for installation or replacement! We are your ‘go to’ specialist for your Salt Lake City furnace replacement or parts.

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