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Many of today’s energy-conscious consumers are opting out of traditional natural gas or electricity-powered furnace and air conditioning systems in favor of a much greener solution for home comfort: geothermal heating and cooling. Depending on the season, one single unit delivers either hot or cold air throughout the home by tapping into the earth’s natural energy stores with degrees of energy efficiency that are leaps and bounds above traditional forced-air systems.

How Geothermal Works

Geothermal actually means “earth’s heat.” A conventional system must burn some type of fuel in order to generate heat. Rather than producing heat, Geothermal simply collects natural solar energy that has been absorbed and stored by the earth and then distributes it throughout your home. A series of pipes called a loop system is buried in the yard. These pipes contain a special fluid that circulates within the loop, collecting heat and delivering it to the home. In the summer, the processed is reversed: heat is drawn from the home and reabsorbed into the earth, resulting in a cool, comfortable indoor living environment.

Who is the Ideal Candidate for Geothermal?

  • Rural homeowners who use expensive propane for heating
  • Homeowners who want to live a “greener” lifestyle
  • Anyone who wants to save 70% on energy costs for the life of their home

Geothermal is extremely versatile in its delivery applications, and homeowners can choose from force air, in-floor radiant, and baseboard radiant systems. Widely regarded as the most efficient heating and cooling system available today, a geothermal system is eligible for a 30% federal tax credit on installation costs through 2016.

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