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Utah Hybrid Heating

You’ve heard all about hybrid cars which save on fuel consumption, but did you know that Hybrid Heating for your home is also an option? It’s the “hottest” thing in home comfort! This system combines two different fuel sources: natural gas and electricity to heat and cool your home at a substantially lower cost than gas alone.

A Hybrid Heating system is comprised of a heat pump as well as an air circulator. These elements combine to create an energy-efficient alternative for your air conditioner and furnace during more moderate temperature seasons. The professional technicians at Harris Aire Serv, Inc. are experienced with installing and repairing all makes and models of hybrid cooling and heating systems and we are pleased to offer the very best in new equipment from York and Carrier

How does a Heat Pump work?

A heat pump utilizes an electric compressor to circulate and absorb heat. Even during the coldest of Utah winters, there is still heat energy present outside. The heat pump transfers that heat energy inside, effectively warming the air. Just as a heat pump can be used in the place of a furnace, it can also work in reverse. When it’s hot outside, the heat pump removes warm, humid air from your home and transfers it outside: effectively performing the cooling process for your home. Basically, a heat pump is an Air Conditioner and a Heating Unit.

Traditional Hybrid Heating systems have two main parts, an indoor unit and an outdoor unit; one cannot work without the other. Whenever an outdoor unit is replaced, the indoor unit should also be replaced. You do not need to install a new furnace and air conditioner to add a heat pump: however, keep in mind that energy savings are at their optimum when the Heat Pump is used with today’s highly efficient furnaces or air handlers.

The Outdoor Unit

The outdoor unit consists of either a heat pump or an air conditioner. While air conditioners are only capable of cooling homes, a heat pump is a central air conditioner capable of both heating and cooling a home.

The benefits of using a heat pump system include the following:

  • Heat pumps are safer and cleaner to run than gas powered furnaces.
  • Heat pumps cost less to run and are more efficient than electric furnaces and even the most efficient gas furnaces.
  • The temperature provided by a heat pump is consistent throughout the entire home or office building.
  • Heat pumps are used all year round.

The Indoor Unit

The indoor unit consists of an air handler or gas furnace. Depending on the season, air handlers or a furnace circulate either cool or warm air throughout the house.

The benefits of air handlers include the following:

  • An efficient air handler will require less work from the outdoor unit.
  • Air handlers provide comfortable living throughout the entire structure.
  • Efficient air control for central air conditioning units is provided through air handlers.

Harris Aire Serv provides professional installation and repair of all Hybrid Heating systems. Our certified staff understands the importance of level positioning and installation in order to prevent any distortion and ensure proper drainage. Contact the experts at Harris Aire Serv today for highly economical and energy-efficient Hybrid Heating systems. We are conveniently located in Salt Lake City and Tooele.

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