York Products

York Products

YORK – It’s time to get comfortable

When most people think of purchasing and installing HVAC products, York heating and York air conditioning are the first to come to mind. When you choose York, you get a comfortable living through energy-efficient, affordable products. York provides premier products that lead the industry in style and efficiency. Its product line extends through the following categories:
· Air conditioner
· Heat pump
· Air Handler
· Furnace
· Air purifier

The newest line to York is its Affinity series. Aside from delivering energy-efficient performance, the Affinity series will also bring style and peace to your home. It is offered in seven different colors and it is the quietest series York has ever manufactured.

Harris Aire Serv believes that the more you know about residential HVAC products, the better your decision will be when you purchase HVAC products. The final decision when purchasing an air conditioning system will be effected by the following variables:
· the size of your home
· the age of your home
· the number of rooms in your home
· the local climate
· the cost of local utilities

We are here to help in determining the best fitting air conditioner for you. York maximizes comfort, efficiency, and reliability. Contact us today for more information on the entire line of York products!

Heat Pumps

Central air conditioners with heating capability

  • Heating
  • Cooling
  • Whole Home Capacity

Central Air Conditioners

Keep your whole home cool

  • Cooling
  • Whole Home Capacity

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